The 30th Annual Filipino International Cine Festival

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The 30th Annual International Filipino Cine Festival

FACINE30 – The 30th Annual International Filipino Cine Festival runs Oct 19 – 22, and on Nov 12! TICKETS GOING FAST. Get tix at www.facine.org!

FACINE celebrates a significant milestone in our journey—the 30th anniversary of FACINE. We invite you to engage with us on our 30th year of bringing independent Filipino films to San Francisco and the diaspora.

Since our humble beginnings, we have showcased the rich cultural heritage of the Philippines and provided a platform for talented filmmakers to share their stories with San Francisco and the world. FACINE has become an annual celebration of our vibrant culture, connecting the Filipino diaspora with their homeland and igniting a sense of pride and belonging.  As we reflect on our journey, we are reminded of the vital importance of supporting the future of film—the aspiring young filmmakers who possess the passion, vision, and talent to create captivating stories that will carry our stories forward.

Eight full-length films have been selected to vie for citations in a tiered awards recognition - Gold, Silver, Particularly Noteworthy - across different categories: Film, Direction, Writing, Performance (Lead and Secondary roles, Female and Male), Cinematography, Editing, Visual Design and Aural Design.

FACINE, Filipino Arts and Cinema, is the longest-running festival of Filipino films in the diaspora. All Films are by and/or about the Filipino experience. Full-length film finalists will be screened in multiple venues in San Francisco on October 18-22. For schedules and tickets purchase, please check our website: www.facine.org

A multi-cultural panel of three jury members are currently screening the films for deliberation. Announcement of citations will be made on October 31.

FACINE Executive Team
Neil Torrefiel, Executive Director
Mauro Feria Tumbocon Jr., Founder & Artistic Director
Sheila Alix, Director of Operations and Strategic Partnerships
Robin Abad Ocubillo, Associate Curator
Nikki Vendil, Social Media
Voltaire Gungab, Advisor
Maria Isabel Lopez, Advisor
Nino Fajardo, Advisor


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