Erotica Manila: Foursome

Erotica Manila

Erotica Manila: Foursome (2023)

**Contains explict themes and nudity. Viewer discretion is advised.**

A man enters an adult film theater, a writer gets a naughty massage, a porn star satisfies an intern, and a couple kill a man while making love.

Sex, Drama
In Tagalog with English subtitles
2h 59m, 4 segments

Producers: Vivamax
Director: Law Fajardo
 Jim Flores, Miguel Legaspi
Cinema Parausan: Alex Medina, Azi Acosta, Neil Tolentino
Girl 11: Josef Elizalde, Cara Gonzales, Cheska Paredes
MILF and the OJT: Mercedes Cabral, Vince Rillon, Andoy Ranay, Ram Tolentino
Death by Orgasm - Felix Roco, Alma Navarro, Benz Sangalang

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