A Short History of a Few Bad Things

A gun murder happens in broad daylight in the streets of Cebu, a senior detective is assigned to the case. Encountering dead end upon dead end, he doesn’t realize the suspect is closer than what he thinks.

English and in Bisaya and Tagalog with English subtitles
Binisaya, ABS-CBN Films, Cinema One Originals, Philippines, 2018

Directed by: Keith Deligero
Written by: Paul Grant
Actors: Victor Neri, Jay Gonzaga, Maricel Sombrio, Publio Briones III
Director of Photography: Angelo Sarmiento, Kieth Deligero
Editors: Maria Estella Pariso, Keith Deligero
Music: Lav Diaz, Duke Caong, Young Kael, Maricel Sombrio, etc.
Sound Design: Angelo Sarmiento
Production Design: Kent Divinagracia
Prosthetics: Remton Zuasala, Paulin Olarte
Total Running Time: 1:27:12

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